Alumni Ph.D.

Kyoung Je Cha

E-mail : trok3110 @
Current position : Ultimate Manufacturing Technology Center, KITECH

Graduate thesis title : Development of Polystyrene Cell Culture Platforms with Nanopillar/pore Arrays via Nano Molding Process for Promoting Osteogenic Differentiation

MoonWoo La

E-mail : woomoo98 @
Current position : Professor at Koreatech University

Graduate thesis title : Centrifugal Polymer Lab-on-a-Disk for Multiple Blood Analyses based on Blood Micro Centrifugation and Microfluidic Fixed-Volume Dispenser

Sung Jea Park

E-mail : psj7517 @
Current position : Professor at Koreatech University

Graduate thesis title : LIGA-based Micro-shaping Processes for Unidirectional Micro/Mesoscale Structures Guiding Cell alignment and Myogenic Differentiation

Kyoung Duck Seo

E-mail : redrain @
Current Postion : Professor at Wonkwang University

Graduate thesis title : Functional Microhydrogels using Mono/Biphasic Aqueous Systems based on Microfluidic Emulsification

Dongwhi Choi

E-mail : dongwhui @
Current position : Professor at Kyung Hee University

Graduate thesis title : Utilizations of Discrete Liquid-Solid Contact Electrification inside Conduits Based on Undrstanding of Net Electrical Charge Generation

Wonkyoung Kim

E-mail : wkkim @

Current position : Samsung Engineering's Global Center​

Graduate thesis title : Electrohydrodynamic Actuation of Dielectric Liquid for Developing Reconfigurable Focusing Lenses

Sang Min Park

E-mail : darkff8 @

Current position : Professor at Pusan National University

Graduate thesis title : Electrolyte-assisted Electrospinning for Direct Fabrication of a ultra-thin, aligned, free-standing Nanofiber Membrane toward Reconstruction of Physiologically Relevant Blood Vessel-Tissue Interface


Hyung Woo Kim

E-mail : kimhw1203 @

Current position : Professor at Wonkwang University

Graduate thesis title : Investigation of cell adhesion and migration on the nanopore surface to evaluate cell type dependent cell migration behaviors


Andrew Choi

E-mail : krone @
Current position : EDmicBio 

Graduate thesis title : Development of programmable roughness switching bulk poly (N-isopropyacylamide) (PNIPAAm) for its utilization for stem cell sheet therapy


Hyeonjun Hong

E-mail : membrain @
Current position : Samsung Electronics 

Graduate thesis title : In situ Photochemical Crosslinking-assisted Collagen Compression Process Toward Dense Collagenous Construct Mimicking Biophysical and Biochemical Cell Environments for Promoted Wound Repair


Seongsu Eom

E-mail : sungsu1992 @
Current position : Samsung Electronics 

Graduate thesis title : Hydrogel-assisted electrospinning for fabrication of 3D compartmentalized nanofibrous scaffolds toward muscle tissue reconstruction

Alumni M.S.

Hyeonsoo Jeong

E-mail : nomu87 @
Current position : ADD(Agency for Defense Development)

Graduate thesis title : Development of Roll-to-Flat Texturing System with Infrared Preheating and Study of Its Processing Parameters

Min Jin Choi

E-mail : mjchoi0529 @
Current position : Hyundai Motor Company

Graduate thesis title : Thermoset mold based hot embossing echnique for micro/nano-hierarchical structures

Tae Wan Kim

E-mail : ktw2020 @
Current position : FemToFab

Graduate thesis title : Facile Fabrication of Biodegradable Polymer Microneedle Arrays with Varying Aspect Ratio

using Acupuncture Needle

Jeong Su Lee

E-mail : leejeongsu @
Current position : Korea Southern Power Company

Graduate thesis title : Development of Fabrication Process for Stepwise Gradient Winkle Pattern with Discrete Wavelengths based on Sequential Oxygen Plasma Treatment

Seonga An

E-mail : asa1991 @
Current position : Korea East-West Power Company

Graduate thesis title : Rapid Prototyping of Polystyrene-based Multi-well Screening Platform for Cell-Surface Topography Investigation


Bumchang Kim

E-mail : kimbc @

Current position : Samsung Electronics

Graduate thesis title : Development of Multiple Biophysical Stimulation Platform to Investigate Combined Effect of Multiple Stimulation on Myogenic Differentiation


Hyungjun Yoon

E-mail : mynameis @

Current position : TmaxData

Graduate thesis title : Investigation of Integrin clustering on Cell migration with Controlled Wall Thickness of AAO Nanopore Surfaces

Dowan Kim

E-mail : Dwsunny0111 @
Current position : Samsung Electronics
Graduate thesis title : Developement of the Nanoimprinting Poling Process to Simultaneously Control Functionalities of Polymers for Boosted Electrical Generation of Triboelectric Nanogenerator

Jaewon Yoo

Current position : Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology
Graduate thesis title : High and Elongated Power Output from a Mechanical Mediator-assisted Triboelectric Nanogenerator Driven by Biomechanical Sources

Junhyun Kim

E-mail : jhkim0510 @

Research Interests : WONIK IPS

Graduate thesis title : Direct Fabricatino of Free-standing and Patterned Nanoporous Junctions in a 3D Micro-nanofluidic Device for Ion Selective Transport

Chae Yeong Hwang

E-mail : cyhwang @

Graduate thesis title : Investigation on the Effects of Isotropic Nanopore Array with Low Aspect Ratio on the Cell Migration and Adhesion


Eunyeong Go

E-mail : go7064 @

Graduate thesis title : Development of robust and energy boosted triboelectric nanogenerator via increased interfacial area


Hyeonseok Han

E-mail : carbon @
Graduate thesis title : Metal-electrolyte solution dual-mode electrospinning process for in situ fabrication of electro spun bilayer membrane


Hyeon Beom Chong

E-mail : chb166 @
Graduate thesis title : Simultaneous intestinal morphogenesis on multi-well inserts by basolateral convective flow


Won Jeong Lee

E-mail : lwj0703@
Graduate thesis title : Effect  of alveolar structure and breathing motion on alveolar epithelial cell differentiation


Jun Heui Jo

E-mail :
Graduate thesis title : Development of an in vitro intestinal absorption model with peristalsis motion implementing a flexible 3D nanofiber tube

Former MIB Member


Jung Im Jung

E-mail : jungs2 @
Current position : 


Jiwon Lim

E-mail : jiwonlim @
Current position :
Kyungpook National University

Seon jin Han

E-mail : reveka @
Research Interests : Cell experiments

Wonseok Yang

E-mail : wsyang02 @
Current position : Piping Engineering at GS Engineering & Construction

Jihoon Yeo

E-mail : jihoon.yeo @
Current position : Plant Piping & Utility Engineering Team at Daewoo E&C

Kyungsup Han

E-mail : kyungsup1 @
Current position : Ph.D. candidate at School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University